Sarine Eskibachian: “I have not regained my zest for life but I am much better now”.

Sarine Eskibachian, 30, has hardly any scars on her face. “I have had five surgeries, mostly fat transplants and a lot of laser treatment to remove as much of the scars as I can. I still have to undergo a surgery for my right eyelid, because sometimes my eye doesn’t close anymore,” she says, delighted to see that people she meets barely notice the scars on her cheeks and forehead.

Sarine was injured while at a sports club in Mar Mikhaël on August 4, 2020.

“I went to therapy. I was followed very closely so that I could get back to life. I returned to my job at a mobile phone company. I worked a lot remotely, because of the Coronavirus confinements but also because of my fatigue. And one day I noticed that I was getting better, not just physically, and I decided to overcome everything, or at least not be haunted by the blast anymore. I decided to forget about it and move on. It’s true that I haven’t regained my zest for life, but I can say that I’m much better now,” she says.

Sarine Eskibachian is preparing herself to leave Lebanon and start a new life in the United States. “Life in Lebanon has become unbearable. It is not only the blast. It is everything, the lack of electricity, the lack of benzene, the shortage in medical supply. I want to leave and live a normal life,” she says.

Here’s a link to Sarine’s original video story:

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